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McLaren P1 : Augmented Reality App

Mclaren has been an undeniable star in the Auto Market for a long time. But there is another place where McLaren has outshined the rest of the automakers. They have given pretty much everyone their own P1.
McLaren have developed an Augmented Reality app for Android. It uses the camera to pick up a special design on paper that you print out from McLaren's Facebook page, which then generates a 3D P1 right on your Android.

Here are few pics i've taken from the app

Watch this video review of the app from Armando Ferreira.

It's cool. Go to the google playstore to download your copy so you can get a bit of P1 coolness in your own hand, since you'll probably never own or see one yourself.

Playstore Link : McLaren P1

Image Link : Print this Image