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How to Download Youtube videos in Ubuntu/ Linux Mint and Debian

Step 1 :

First you have to install youtube-dl using terminal. Open terminal and type

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Step 2 :

Now to download a video.

(a) go to youtube and open the video you want to download. Copy the video URL from the browsers address bar.

(b) Open terminal and type

youtube-dl (video URL)

Make sure you paste the video URL of the video you want to download instead of (video URL)

Note: This will download the video in the highest quality available which you wouldn't want because it might be too large in size for you

(c) To download video in the format or resolution of your choice, we have to first choose the format and resolution of video. Type in the following instead of Step 2 (b) above.

youtube-dl -F (video URL)

This will show you all the available video formats along with thier resolution and format codes. Choose your desired format and see its format code.

Press enter.

(d) Now to download the video in the format of your choice type the following in terminal


How to Root Nexus 5 and install Custom ROM

Nexus 5, one of the most hyped android phone of 2013. 2.23 Ghz Quadcore Snapdragon 800 processor, 8mp OIS camera, 2 GB Ram, 5 inch 1080p display, all this seems mouth watering isn't it?? But the deal breaker here is the 2300 Mah battery. Biggest complain from the Nexus 5 users is the battery life. When the devices like Moto X, Galaxy S4 give you all day use battery, Nexus 5 doesn't even last 8 hrs. So will you return back or sell your Nexus 5 due to it's poor battery life? No. Sure you might have heard about rooting and how various tweaks and mods can help you to make your phone's battery last longer. Terrified by the idea that if something goes wrong while rooting then you might permanently damage your Nexus 5? Relax, you are in the safe hands now. Just follow the instructions below and you'll have it all under control.

Before we begin, please backup everything one your phone to your computer using (App Backup & Restore) or (Helium - App Sync and Backup)

To this…

Some Tips for Nexus Devices and others running Android 4.4

Enable Battery Percent (Without Root) in Android 4.4

To enable battery percentage in the battery icon on the status bar, install the app below from PlayStore. Open it and select "Enable Battery Percent". Then reboot your phone. You should see the battery percentage when your device reboots.

Note: Keep in mind that you can only see the battery percent if the battery is empty enough beacuse the percentage text is white on the white battery background. And no, you cannot change the percentage colour.

This should work on any device running Android 4.4

Play Link :

Round Your Screen Corners

Roundr is an app that rounds the corners of your screen. You can use various settings to adjust the radius of the corners and which corners to modify. This app can be very useful to try out a new homescreen design. Bring out the designer in yourself by using this app with various homescreen designs to suit it.

You can …

ART or Dalvik?

Google introduced ART - a Dalvik replacement in Android 4.4 and they promised that it will greatly enhance performance of Android Apps, make your device faster and your battery last longer.  An experimental version of ART is included with Android 4.4 and can be enabled in Settings > Developer Options > Select Runtime.

Most of the apps in the Play use the Dalvik VM (Virtual Machine) to compile and run it. This process utilizes a concept called just-in-time, or JIT. When you open an app Android pulls all the uncompiled data together, compiles it, and loads the app into memory. As long as the app is in memory, after the initial load time, it’s very speedy. But if you use any task killer apps to stop the application then opening the app again will start the whole process again. So it takes a lot of time.

Android 4.4 KitKat includes a new runtime called “Android runtime”, ART.  ART works on a concept called Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation. When you download and install an app, ART a…

Pedometer Apps for Android

We all know that Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 and other newer android phones have a built-in pedometer sensor. Using it with the right apps will displace the fitness bands like fitbit. Android 4.4 has added support for two new composite sensors -- step detector and step counter. These sensors let your app track steps when the user is walking, running, or climbing stairs. These new sensors are implemented in hardware for low power consumption. So here are the pedometer apps to help your track your activities.


It is one of the well designed apps on the PlayStore. It tracks your daily walking, running, cycling and distance covered in a vehicle. It uses the collected data to show you what paths you took by showing routes in a map. You have to turn on GPS to use this app correctly.

Warning : Doesn't work with Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Play Link :

Runtastic Pedometer

Though Moves boasts one of the most beautiful UI design, many users …

Aviate Launcher Review

Tired of using the same stock-like launcher? Try Aviate Launcher.

Aviate Launcher is a context aware launcher that provides you with the right apps and information at the right time. It aims to be time and location aware thus adapting  your homescreen according to the time and the place. Sounds a bit like Google Now doesn't it?? May be it's because it was created by some of the Ex-Googlers. It  tries to emulate Google Now's predictability and supports the idea that your phone should be smart enough to do things for you,make recommendations for you and show the right information to you exactly when you need it.  It was making quite the noise in the Android world and that's when Yahoo decided to acquire developer Thumbsup Labs for $80 million.

It's not like your usual launcher, it has whole new concept for an Android Launcher. You can't customize the icons, can't add more homescreens and  while you can use widgets  but dont expect to use as many as you'd…

How to Root Xperia Tipo, flash custom recovery and install a custom rom

You bought a Sony Xperia a while ago. At first things were great,  your phone was speedy and you were using Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich  in a phone by SONY. But it received no updates from Sony and your phone started to slow down. Phones by relatively poor brands like Karbonn, Micromax were rocking Jelly bean while you were stuck at an android version released in 2011. As things stand Sony no longer cares about its Tipo users and wont provide any updates. So what can you do? Buy a new phone?? Naaah. Just keep calm and root your phone.

Follow the steps below carefully and have patience.
(Make sure your phone at least 70% battery charge left. Backup everything you need using (App Backup & Restore) or (Helium - App Sync and Backup)

How to Root Xperia Tipo
Step 1:
Go to Developer Options inside settings and enable USB Debugging by going to Manage Application > Development >Select USB debugging.
Step 2:
Download "Unlock Root Pro" on your computer (…

How to enable Google Now in Nepal and other countries (Solve - Google Location reporting not available in your region problem)

Google Now was first introduced in Android 4.1 Jellybean and it has been used as a personal assistant by many android users ever since. However after the introduction of Android 4.4 Kitkat many users started to complain that the search update broke google now functionality.

Some of you might just have bought a shiny new Nexus 5 to enjoy a fine android experience but the lack of Google Now left you disappointed. When on the home screen of the default Android Launcher, swiping to the left should take you to the Google Now interface but for some of the users it is nowhere to be found. Also there are many people who flash custom roms to enjoy latest android builds on their devices. I am using Galaxy Nexus which didnot get the Kitkat update from Google. So i flashed a custom rom which promised the Google Now feature on the left side of the homescreen of default Kitkat launcher. But like some of you Nexus 5 users i was left disappointed. So i began my quest for searching a method to activate…

Top 5 Free File Manager Apps for Android

File managers are an essential part of any operating system. One of the shortcomings of Android is that it doesnot include a proper file manager. Nexus devices lack a file manager and most of the file managers from other OEM's are very basic and lack many features. So here are the top 5 free file managers for Android. (This list is not in any particular order) 

1. File Manager by Gira.Me

File Manager by Gira.Me has a nice, clean holo design with both light dark theme support. It has build-in support for Rar, Tar, Tar.gz, Tgz, Tar.bz2, Tbz file formats. It supports USG OTG and 16+ languages. You can slide-in from the left to acess bookmark page where you can quickly access different file types and directories.

The free tag however comes with Ad support. But if you want to remove Ads then you can buy it's premium version for $0.99 or by inviting 10 people to download this app. 
Play Link

2. ES File Explorer

As far as populari…