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5 Android Apps worth checking out

CloudMagic - Email App

An average person uses at least two e-mail addresses. So, an e-mail app which supports multiple e-mail accounts across different e-mail services would be very convenient. CloudMagic app supports more than 12 different e-mail services including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail,, iCloud, etc.  But you are limited to adding only 5 accounts though (will be enough for most people) . You can search across all your mailboxes in one go. The app's UI is neat, very holo-ish. Additional features include setting reminders to follow up on starred emails. It also works offline.

Personally i am a huge fan of this app. Gone are those days when i had to use separate apps for Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Get open CloudMagic app and "Voila! i get all my emails in one box." 

If you are on a lookout for an e-mail app that supports multiple accounts, i highly recommend giving CloudMagic a try.

Download CloudMagic from Google Play


No matter which Android phone yo…

How to install Android Studio easily via PPA in Linux

Installing Android Studio in Linux Mint, Ubuntu  and other Ubuntu based Linux distros has become a painless process thanks to this ppa by Italian developer Paolo Rotolo. This will download around 650 MB of data so be patient.

At first open Terminal and type the following commands and press enter after each command.

Step 1:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:paolorotolo/android-studio

Step 2 :

sudo add-get update

Step 3 :

sudo apt-get install android-studio

Stay High on Linux. Peace!!!

5 Android Apps worth checking out

Starting this week, a weekly app recommendation series will be posted in this blog. So try out these apps and let me know which app you liked and also help me find out other great apps in the comments below.
So here we go...


Digg Reader is simple, clean, and functional rss reader (news reader) app. Before adding rss feeds, Digg requests you to sign in using Google+, Facebook or your Twitter account. By default it shows the top stories and after you have added a rss feed, it will pull out new information and articles from the feed.

Adding new feeds is very simple and you can put them in new categories.It also has Instapaper/Pocket support for saving the article to future reading. Digg is a a good way to get the news you want when you want to read the posts. If you need something that is basic in order to access your favorite RSS feeds, the Digg Reader could be what you're looking for.

Download Digg from Google Play


All you night reader people, Darker is a nifty app for you. …