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Custom ROMs : Advantages and Disadvantages


Updated versions:
You can flash the latest  Android versions according to your device's specs which can make your old phone look new. You can upgrade to a version of the OS that has not yet been released for your device, or never will be.
There are a number of features that can be customized to suit your taste and working environment. For instance, Custom themes can bring a new look and feel to your device. Pie controls can be used instead of buttons or on-screen keys.

Improve performance and Battery Life :
Custom ROMs are oftenfaster, more efficient, and use less memorybecause
the developer ripped out useless bloatwares, such as carrier installed apps or manufacturer's unwanted gimicky apps.the developer optimized the kernel. For example, an undervolted kernel can provide a much better battery life than the stock one.we can overclock or underclock the processor according to our needs

Install Apps on SD card:
This is currently not possible with stock ROMs. I…

No Android Fragmentation. Only Android Clones..

Time and again we hear people talking about Android fragmentation. Apple does it on every chance they get to speak about Android. For years, Google’s rivals have used the “Android is fragmented” argument to hype their own platforms. Microsoft executives, for example, have long suggested that one of their key goals with Windows Phone is to prevent it from splintering into multiple versions on multiple devices, ensuring a common experience for all users of the platform.It has been a hot topic on every tech websites and blogs. So is there really Android Framentation or it is actually fragmentation of Android devices?

1) Android Platform Fragmentation

Android is an open-source platform so the inheritance of knowledge between people interested in copying, modifying, adding new features, tweaking is very easy. The only problem may be that should everyone else have the same rights to the knowledge that you have tirelessly gathered and perfected ? This fear was ever present in Android. There…