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How to download Viber in Ubuntu/ Linux Mint/ other Ubuntu derivatives (Only for 64-bit)

Viber for Linux lets you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users on any device and network, in any country!

Viber syncs your contacts and messages with your mobile device.
  • Text, photo and sticker messages
  • Group conversations
  • Call any Viber user for free
  • Full sync between your mobile and your Linux
  • Transfer ongoing calls between your mobile and your desktop
  • Tested on: Elementary OS Luna, Ubuntu

Open terminal, Copy and paste following command and press enter.

wget -O

It will download the .deb package of size 44mb. After the download copy the command below and paste it in the terminal.

sudo dpkg -i

Stay High on Linux. Peace!!!


  1. I have just installed Viber on my Ubunt. Do you know how can I get whatsapp for pc?

    1. i've tried many methods but couldn't get Whatsapp to work on Ubuntu. One big disadvantage of Whatsapp is that it doesn't let you access both devices simultaneosly. So its a big turn off for me. If i ever get Whatsapp to work on Ubuntu then i'll post it in the blog. As for now you can try Telegram app i have posted about in my blog.

      Thanks for visiting. Keep on coming back :)


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