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SwiftKey : The Best Keyboard App is now free

The best keyboard app for Android is now free. Yes you read it right..FREE. SwiftKey has just made a gutsy move by dropping the $3.99 price for its keyboard app and making it free. Swiftkey has been updated to version  5.0 today with lots of new features.


Swiftkey is the most downloaded keyboard app on Android. It had been making most of its money from its premuim paid app which some of the people thought was too expensive. Besides it's app SwiftKey sells it's White-label technology to Samsung and BlackBerry. As a result it claims to be on more than 200 million devices all over the world. The company will now collect it's revenues from the premium paid themes in its app which the users have craved for some time now. 


SwiftKey app has also been updated with 30 new themes and all new predictions on which emojis you might use next. Android devices running  Android 4.1 and above will be able to use new emoji selector which contains more than 800 emojis. Yay!!!. SwiftKey has improved it's Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology and its core prediction engine. By this move SwiftKey will be able to reach more users and maintain its top spot among the long list of Android keyboards. 

Personally SwiftKey has been my default keyboard app for more than 2 years now. It's gesture typing is pretty darn useful  for one handed typing. 

It's time you leave your Google Keyboard or OEMs default keyboard app for SwiftKey.

Download SwiftKey 5.0 from Google Play

Stay High On Android. Peace!!!


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No Brakes : Minimalisticand Addictive Racing Game for Android

As the name suggests, in No Brakes your only aim is to drive at the maximum speed possible. There's a single race track, no time limit or laps. Just don't drive into any walls.

The pastels (or pastel colors) which change as you gain momentum in the game are easy on the eyes. And Man, I love the soothing background music on the Game.

You get to different "speed zones" as you go farther in the game. Once you hit a new speed zone, you can hit higher speeds than you did in the previous speed zones and the car becomes more difficult to handle.

Your scores are ranked based on the Top Speed. If you sign in to the Google Play Games with No Brakes then the results and achievements are posted for your bragging rights.

No Brakes GamePlay Screen Record

Download No Brakes from Google Play

Stay High on Android. Peace !!!

Timberman - The next addictive Game for Android

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Like flappy bird, you'll get frustrated at the beginning but soon you'll get used to and scores keep improving. You can also compare your scores with your friends by signing into Google Play Games.

Gameplay Video (Screen Record)

Go check it out, become a Timberman, chop some woods and avoid the branches.

Download from Google Play

Stay High on Android. Peace!!!

Pedometer Apps for Android

We all know that Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 and other newer android phones have a built-in pedometer sensor. Using it with the right apps will displace the fitness bands like fitbit. Android 4.4 has added support for two new composite sensors -- step detector and step counter. These sensors let your app track steps when the user is walking, running, or climbing stairs. These new sensors are implemented in hardware for low power consumption. So here are the pedometer apps to help your track your activities.


It is one of the well designed apps on the PlayStore. It tracks your daily walking, running, cycling and distance covered in a vehicle. It uses the collected data to show you what paths you took by showing routes in a map. You have to turn on GPS to use this app correctly.

Warning : Doesn't work with Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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